Hydroseeding in Glen Ellyn

Hydroseeding is the process of spraying soil with a mixture of seed, fertilizer, mulch and water. Through precise proportions of each material, Novell Landscape Service can guarantee a healthy lawn in no time. If you need a greener landscape, consider commercial hydroseeding.

Here are ten reasons why hydro grass is right for your Glen Ellyn business:

1. Hydroseeding Prices Are Competitive

If you need an affordable lawn installation, hydroseeding is your best option. The average cost to hydroseed your commercial landscape is around a quarter of the cost of laying down sod. Because hydroseeding contractors spray the slurry with a hose, installation is quick and easy. Not only do you save on hydroseeding prices, you also save on labor costs.

2. Hydro Grass Germinates Quickly

A professionally hydroseeded lawn will show evidence of growth in one to two weeks (of course, the condition of your existing soil and the amount of water your lawn receives will affect its growth). Typically, within one month, you should be ready to mow your lawn.

3. Hydroseeding Contractors Can Create a Lawn in Three Seasons

Forget having to wait until late spring or early fall to get a brand-new lawn. Our hydroseeding contractors can install a lush lawn in the spring, summer or fall. This means you can choose the least disruptive time for your business. We're happy to work around your schedule.

4. Hydroseeding Prevents Weeds from Taking Over Your Lawn

We only use quality grass seeds in our hydroseeding slurry. By promoting healthy grass growth, your lawn doesn't have to compete for resources with pesky weeds. Get seamless greenery with minimal effort.

5. Hydroseeding Mulch Nourishes the Grass and Soil

Novell Landscape Service uses high-grade wood and straw mulch to produce impressive results. Some companies try to offset hydro mulch costs by using paper mulch, but paper mulch doesn't protect your lawn against rainfall and other erosive conditions. We promise beautiful results, so we never cut corners and only use the best materials.

6. Hydroseeding Allows You to Customize the Look of Your Lawn

Tailor your lawn to your property's needs by choosing a custom seed blend. Dry, sunny areas require a different type of seed than shady moist areas. Novell Landscape Service's hydroseeding contractors can help you choose the best seeds for your needs. You’ll get an exceptionally even lawn!

7. Hydro Grass Provides the Best Erosion Control

If you want to protect your property against erosion, hydroseeding is the most effective way to do so. Hydroseeding slurry binds with surface soil to protect against rain, sun, wind and other erosive conditions.

8. Hydroseeding Is Low-Maintenance

Reduce the time you spend watering your landscape— hydro mulch has great moisture-retention properties.

9. You Can Walk on a Newly Hydroseeded Lawn

Don't worry if you're unable to restrict foot traffic on your property. Unlike dry seeding where you can't use your lawn for weeks while the grass grows, you can walk on a hydroseeded lawn right away. Just try to minimize heavy traffic.

10. Hydroseeding Contractors Are Experts in Their Field

With certified hydroseeding techniques, Novell Landscape Service’s contractors promise breathtaking results. Transform your Glen Ellyn landscape and take pride in your property. Contact us today to get started.