Decorative Concrete in Naperville

Maintaining a beautiful commercial exterior can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Between heavy traffic and Naperville’s weather, business owners might struggle to keep their landscapes looking their best. Patios and walkways take the bulk of the beating, which is why a long-lasting flooring system is imperative—decorative concrete is the solution.

Decorative concrete is an affordable material for patios, walkways and driveways. It produces a low-maintenance surface that saves you time and money. When installed by the professionals at Novell Landscape Service, you know it will withstand the test of time. Enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective investment in your commercial landscape year-round. Make your projects our projects today!

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Low-Maintenance Concrete Patio Solutions

One of the most attractive elements of decorative concrete is its minimal maintenance needs. Unlike other flooring materials, concrete can withstand the demands of a commercial setting, such as foot traffic or machinery—you name it. And, if you need to clean your stamped concrete patio, plain soap and water will suffice!

An annual sealing is all that’s necessary to help your concrete patio stand the test of time. Don’t worry about polishing the surfaces back to a sparkling shine. Decorative concrete is a hassle-free solution. You can also choose to add a slip-resistant coating for a safer surface for customers and pedestrians. The choice is yours! We're confident you’ll love the limitless design options.

Affordable Stamped Concrete Costs

Decorative concrete is a low-cost flooring solution you can customize to suit your existing landscape. Novell Landscape Service’s stamped concrete costs are competitive when it comes to both materials and installation. We believe in offering affordable services to Naperville business owners.

Installing pavers is time consuming and labor intensive. But stamped concrete is a simple process our contractors can complete in a single day. Our experts mix, pour and stamp concrete with precision and efficiency. Done right, you won’t have to replace your outdoor flooring for a very long time. How’s that for an exceptional return on investment?

Professional Concrete Resurfacing and Installation

When you hire the professionals at Novell Landscape Service, you invest in a job done right. Concrete resurfacing is a simple installation process which might tempt you to take the DIY route. But, if not installed properly, you might end up with an unappealing finish or weak pavement. And, what might take you all weekend to resurface will take our experts no more than a few hours! That’s because we have years of experience and a knowledgeable staff.

Our team works around Naperville’s weather to guarantee an effective application process. We have concrete mixing down to a precise art to make sure it doesn’t blister or crack when poured. Enjoy perfection every time.

Invest in Your Naperville’s Commercial Landscape

Beautify your outdoor spaces with affordable, low-maintenance decorative concrete. You’ll enjoy the ease and aesthetic appeal of a stamped concrete patio for years to come. Boost the value of your business by trusting in Novell Landscape Service. If you want concrete proof of our expertise, just browse our portfolio! Or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.