Garden Design in Naperville

Why do you need an excellent garden design in Naperville? Every client has their own reasons, but most are looking to make the most of their home. Being outdoors is great and its even better when you’re in a space designed around your tastes.

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Front Yard and Backyard Gardens

Are you looking to upgrade your curb appeal? If so, a garden in your front yard might be the perfect option. It can be difficult to stand out from the rest of the houses on the block, but a beautiful garden can be the perfect way to do it.

Would you prefer a get away spot that seems like a secret oasis? If yes, a backyard garden in Naperville is exactly what you need. Create a little path to your favorite patch of stargazer lilies and enjoy an evening glass of wine.

Do You Need Some Property Design Ideas?

Are you new to designing gardens? Don’t worry because we have years of experience. Get started with the brainstorming process and check out some of our most popular garden elements:

  • Rock path: If you are planning on having people over, a rock path will encourage them to enjoy your garden without stepping on your roses.
  • Small pond: Ponds and water features can be relaxing after a rough workday, especially if you put in a few fish.
  • Covered seating: A gazebo gives you a great view of you garden, protection from the rain, and a great chance to incorporate mood lighting.
  • Decorative fencing: Latticework, picketed fences and iron gates can add a lovely touch to your design.
  • Fireplace: Even when it’s cold out, you can enjoy your outdoor oasis with a warming fire. If you’re worried about young children or pets, try one with a protective covering.

Is There a Garden Design Process?

Every garden is as different as the client, which is why we adjust when necessary. However, a general outline of the process includes these four steps:

  • Initial Meeting: In this first meeting, we’ll discuss your plans and ideas for your garden space. Tell us your budget and list or must-haves and the team will get started on your design.
  • Design Plan: We’ll take your ideas and sketch the perfect design plan. We’ll do out absolute best to incorporate your favorite design elements and maybe a little extra!
  • Your Approval: We won’t move forward with a design plan until we are sure you love the ideas. If there’s something you don’t like, tell us and we’ll fix it.
  • Construction: Depending on the size and scope of your garden, we may be able to dive right in or we might have to make space for your various features. Either way, we’ll stick to the timeline.

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