Hydroseeding in Naperville

If you need to add grass to large areas, choose professional hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a process by which contractors spray a slurry of grass seeds, mulch, dye and fertilizer over prepared soil. It's the most efficient, cost-effective option for large areas. Hydro grass is an excellent choice for a variety of commercial projects; including sports fields, parks, golf courses and roadsides. Here’s why so many choose Novell Landscape Service’s professional hydroseeding:

Hydroseeding Prices Are Incredibly Competitive

The average cost of hydroseeding is less than half of what you’d pay for sod installation. That’s because we don’t have to raise the lawn beforehand, we simply spray it over your property!

Since hydro grass is so easy to install, you also save on labor costs. What might take all day to seed by hand won’t take our hydroseeding contractors more than two hours to complete. We also employ smaller teams that complete the same amount of work in much less time. With exceptional results and competitive hydroseeding prices, Novell Landscape Service offers the most comprehensive lawn installation services in Naperville.

Healthy Hydro Grass Germinates Quickly

Although sod installation offers an instant lawn transformation, hydroseeding comes in close second. Hand-sewn grass can take up to six weeks to mature. But a professionally hydroseeded lawn starts growing within a week. Before a month is over, it will be fully established in even the toughest of environments. Since hydroseed germinates quickly, it’s the best choice for wildfire reclamation projects.

If you need the appearance of an instant lawn, we’ll make sure to mix enough dye into the slurry to get a green look right away. And, unlike hand-planted grass, you can walk on hydroseeding immediately. Its a great solution if you can’t prevent foot traffic.

Hydroseeding Mulch Provides Exceptional Coverage

Choose hydroseeding for large areas and get beautiful lush coverage. It's also great for spaces that are hard to reach. Sod installation often results in visible seems that break up your lawn, however hand seeding leaves sparse patches where the seeds were displaced. With hydroseeding, you get a thick, even lawn that preserves moisture and increases plant survival.

Within weeks, you’ll have healthy, vibrant long-lasting grass. Because you’re not transplanting sod into foreign soil, you get a deep root system that promotes grass health. Your lawn will resist anything Naperville throws at it!

Hydro Grass Boasts Excellent Erosion Control

If you’re looking for low-maintenance lawn installation for tough lawn areas, chose hydroseeding. It’s an effective way to add a permanent lawn to spaces that are unsuitable for traditional planting. These include roadsides, reclaimed work sites, and hills. To guarantee that the grass catches on sloped surfaces, we add extra tacking compounds to the slurry.

The hydroseeding mulch allows the slurry to keep up to ten times its weight in moisture. This helps protect the grass seed against drought during the binding process. It also protects against wind, sunshine, foot traffic, pests, and weed growth. With professional hydroseeding, you don’t need to worry about washout, grass seed displacement or soil erosion.